The Top Reasons to Visit the 25th Island of Greece

Visit the 25th Island of Greece

The 25th Island of Greece is Amorgos. Amorgos is a 2000-person Cyclade island and the capital of Greece. The name of this island comes from a legend about soul contact. The bad guy in the legend was named Amorgos, so it makes sense that the island is named after him. If you are looking for a romantic vacation destination, this island should be at the top of your list.

Amorgos is The 25th largest Island of Greece

Amorgos is located on the easternmost part of the Cyclades island group. Originally a small, inhabited island, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is home to approximately 80 people, but is surprisingly close to Athens. Visitors can travel by boat to this beautiful, historic island. The roads are well-paved and there are no cars.

It is The Capital of Greece

The 25th Island of Greece is a picturesque location surrounded by the Aegean Sea. The island is known for its honey. The locals harvest the honey and use it for desserts and pies. Guests can also sample bee water. This tiny and beautiful Greek Island is also close to the capital city of Athens. This article will discuss the top reasons to visit this Greek island.

It is a Popular Honeymoon Destination

The 25th Island of Greece is a picturesque destination in the Mediterranean Sea. With its pleasant weather all year round, it is the perfect honeymoon destination for nature lovers. The 25th Island is home to picturesque beaches and historic sites. A trip to this island is a great way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day at work or school. Renting a car to explore the island is a great way to experience this idyllic location.

It is a 2000-Person Cyclade

The 25th Island of Greece is the most sun-drenched of the entire Cyclades archipelago, home to an ancient port town and picturesque harbor. This island is part of the Naxos chain and is connected to the mainland by a bridge built in 1965. Nearby islands include Rhenia and Delos. Its population is about 80 people and is home to several historical sites.

It is The Capital of Rhodes

This city has a history that is rich in Greek tradition and legend. The most famous street in Rhodes is the Street of Knights, which is restored to resemble the middle ages. It was lined with inns from the seven different factions of the Knights Hospitaller. Each faction had its own language, and the facades of the buildings are decorated to reflect this. The Street of Knights is a must-see for all visitors to the island. Click here for more: Luxury-Everest.

It is The Site of a Memorial Stone Circle

Located in the western Aegean Sea, the 25th Island of Greece is home to 350 people and a unique dialect of ancient Greek. The island also features a prehistoric temple and a memorial stone circle. In addition, it has its own Google Map and is home to a beautiful, historic monastery. The Hozoviotissa Monastic Site was built in honor of the Virgin Mary and was commissioned by Alexius Comnenus I. Visitors are welcome to tour the site, which is free to visit and open to all.

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