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The must have features of employee onboarding system

New recruits may settle in weeks if you have the correct new employee onboarding programme in place. Visitors to the office can’t tell them apart from veterans with decades of expertise after a month. Customers will have more faith in your company as a result of this. So, what tools and features help new recruits present a professional customer-facing image? Let’s look at the essential elements of employee onboarding software.

  1. Mobile ready 

If you buy an online product that doesn’t have mobile capabilities these days, you’re missing out. There is an app for everything nowadays. However, your selected employee onboarding solution does not have to be a mobile app. You might get adaptive or responsive employee online training software depending on your demands. As long as they can be viewed with or without active Wi-Fi on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If your L&D staff can populate the course through mobile, you’ll get bonus points. If you’re considering a ‘free’ open-source employee training LMS, do your homework to determine the exact cost. Your “free” software might wind up costing you more than commercial employee onboarding software.

  1. Feedback System

‘There are no foolish questions,’ someone grinned as they encouraged questions at every meeting ever held. And that platitude was quickly debunked at each gathering. Because new workers are aware of this, they are unlikely to draw attention to themselves by asking a question – any question. Despite the fact that they have so many! Check that your programme offers a secure, private, and simple method for doing so. They might seek advice or share their viewpoint on their beginner experience. This allows them to feel heard and enhances the online training course for future colleagues. It may be a nice all-knowing chatbot or an email feed to an anonymous conversation board.

  1. Learning Support

According to studies, 20% of our learning is informal and social. Consider this. You probably didn’t intend to remember a song or a movie speech. You might not even realise you know all the words until it starts playing and you start singing along. This social component in online learning includes social media groups and chat threads. They’ve evolved into the current means of disseminating knowledge. They’re also beneficial for online learning collaboration. As a result, whatever employee onboarding software you choose must include social media integration. Alternatively, it might have its own internal chat rooms and messaging applications. This allows new hires to learn from more experienced colleagues and share difficulties with other recent hires who are facing similar challenges.

  1. Dynamic HR Analytics System

Every good onboarding method involves metrics and in built data collecting measures. However, orienting software requires a certain kind. To maintain track of staff training, it requires automatic progress reporting. With this in mind, you should look for employee online training software that includes report templates. Lesson evaluations are one technique for identifying pain areas and knowledge gaps. Another option is to use self-assessment programmes to assist you assign people to the appropriate department. 


All of these small details contribute to job happiness, making new employees feel more at ease and less inclined to leave. More significantly, you may quickly access many metrics for a customised report and see or print it.

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