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How to Hire Perfect Android App Developers for Mobile Apps?

The mobile app development industry has become highly competitive in recent times. Above all, Android has become the most dominant mobile operating system with a huge market share of almost 70% in the smartphone market. 

For this reason, emerging businesses and prominent enterprises prefer investing in the best Android app development company to develop their mobile apps.

In this blog, we are going to help you hire the perfect Android app developers for mobile apps. 

Before talking about the tips to hire the best Android app developers, we should discuss Android app development. 

What is Android App Development? 

Android app development involves the development of mobile applications for the Android platform. Android applications are compatible with multiple devices including smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, infotainment systems, gaming consoles, smartwatches, and more. 

Being an open-source mobile operating system, Android provides endless possibilities for businesses and developers to innovate. Thus, it might take years of expertise and skills with the right tech stack to develop high-quality Android applications. Ultimately, Android is also the most widely used operating system for smartphones. 

How to Hire Perfect Android App Developers? 

You can expect a high-quality development process only when you hire android app developers with skills and experience. These are some critical tips that must follow while hiring Android app developers

Search for Skilled Android App Developers 

Skills and experience are everything when it comes to quality Android app development. Thus, it is very important to consider your skills and experience when you build your team of Android developers. In fact, they must understand what it takes to develop a market-centric and business-centric Android application. Then, you will be able to ensure some quality in your mobile app development cycle. 

Don’t Just Focus on the Budget 

It is quite understandable that emerging businesses might have a very tight budget for their mobile app development project. However, you cannot just look for cheap options to get the job done and skip on quality. Instead, it is important to ensure quality work by taking the help of cost-effective android app development services. Looking only for cheap options for Android app development might lead to additional maintenance costs in the future.

Check the Portfolios 

Work portfolios speak about the professionalism, innovation, and quality of past projects. By exploring the portfolios, you will be able to know about their tech expertise, designing capabilities, and development style to fulfill projects for clients. Thus, it would help you to determine whether they will be able to fulfill your requirements or not. Usually, an android app development company would list their client portfolio on their website or you can also send them a mail to request a detailed portfolio. 

Expertise and Experience with Open Source Platforms

Android itself is an open-source platform that provides endless possibilities to developers and businesses. Plus, the Android platform is also dependent on tons of third-party software and APIs. 

This makes it really important for Android developers to have a good experience and expertise with open source platforms. Lastly, they have to be very flexible with the changing technology and dynamic market trends in Android app development. Try to find an Android app development company that has extensive experience with open source libraries.

Try to Connect With the Past Clients 

This might be a lengthy process but it would give you the perfect idea of first-hand experience. Therefore, it would be advisable to connect with past clients to learn about the quality and professionalism of the mobile app development company.

You will learn about their communication patterns, project management style, responsiveness, problem-solving strategies, and more. Furthermore, if you want the most accurate list of clients, then you can visit their profiles on famous B2B platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and AppFutura. 

Agile Methodology is a Must 

Innovation and adaptability are everything in Android app development. Thus, you cannot expect your Android app development company to work with old project management methodologies. The development process must be swift and smooth with a robust methodology like Agile. It empowers effective change management and better ownership of the project. 

As a business owner, you will have the capability of improvising the design and functionalities when you work with modern methodologies. A prominent Android app development company always uses the Agile methodology in their development process. 

Recognitions and Certifications 

Hiring freelance Android developers could be a risky affair because you never know about their real credibility. Thus, it becomes important to hire an Android app development team with a good reputation. Look for the awards, recognitions, and certifications they have received over the years for providing their services. Thus, you will have the assurance that your money won’t go kaput. 

Assurance of Privacy and Data Protection 

In a highly competitive business world, a single idea could be worth a million dollars. Thus, you cannot afford to lose your idea to anyone else. Try to look for an Android app development company that signs an NDA or privacy agreement before starting any work. 

This will give you the assurance that your sensitive business data will remain safe them the development team. Plus, you can also make sure that your identity will also remain private. You also need to take care of the property rights of the application to avoid future conflicts. 

Hire With Your Own Metrics 

Although you will be reaching an Android app development company, you must have the freedom to hire professionals from the company with your own hiring process. This would give you better control over the Android app development team. Plus, handpicking your own team can drastically improve the development process and align it with your business objectives.

Ensure Post Development Support and Maintenance 

The successful deployment of the Android app to the Play Store isn’t the end of the development process. In fact, there’s a constant need for support and maintenance to keep the mobile app relevant in the dynamic market.

Plus, it might be possible that the users might want you to update certain elements or features of your Android app. This could be only possible when you have the right development team for the job. You have to ensure that your development team will give you support for app publication, testing, bug fixing, periodic maintenance, etc. 

Being proactive to resolve the issues with your app is the best strategy to retain customers and improve their experience. Therefore, only a client-centric Android app development company can provide you with such determination and dedication. 

Summing Up 

Hiring freelancers for mobile app development is a very risky and time-consuming task. Plus, there’s no guarantee of quality work or timely delivery. For this reason, it becomes really important to hire a prominent Mobile app development company like MobileCoderz. They have real Android experts who can adapt to the dynamic development demands. Moreover, their portfolio consists of various clients from diverse industries.

Author Bio

Erma Winter is a professional Android app developer at MobileCoderz, a prominent Android app development company. Over the years, she and her team have developed hundreds of Android apps for various clients. Lastly, apart from her professional life, she takes a keen interest in surfboarding and playing with her dogs. 

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