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How to gain more followers on Twitter

Today’s topic is: How do you gain more followers on Twitter? If you have created your Twitter account, then you must have some purpose for coming to Twitter. Maybe you are a leader, an actor, a singer, an artist, a YouTuber, a digital marketer, a social media influencer, a businessman, etc. The main goal for all of you people will be to get more and more followers on your accounts because of the followers on Twitter. Only through this can you reach any of our services to more people.

Therefore, the first thing that happens to every Twitter user is the task of increasing followers on Twitter. But increasing followers on your Twitter account is also not an easy task. If it were an easy task to increase followers on Twitter, then any person could get a lot of followers immediately by creating their own Twitter account.

But it does not happen, although it is not the case that you cannot increase followers on your Twitter account. Yes, you can definitely increase the number of followers on your Twitter account. But for this, you have to know some tricks as well as apply those tricks; only then can you increase the number of followers on your Twitter account.  So, if you have a Twitter account and want to gain more followers on your Twitter, please read this post thoroughly. In which I have given you information step by step.

1. Follow popular people

When you create your new account on Twitter, in the suggested follow list, you will get the option to follow many popular people. Follow popular people on Twitter as much as you can.

When you follow any popular people on Twitter, then the posts of those popular people reach you. With that, you can very easily like and comment on his post. Let us tell you that when you like to comment on the post of a popular person, then more people get information about you, which increases your chances of gaining more followers on Twitter.

2. Post daily on the Twitter account 

Whenever you create your account on Twitter, you should remember to keep posting regularly on your Twitter account. When you keep posting regularly on Twitter, then Twitter will make your posts reach as many people as possible. Due to this, the number of followers on your Twitter starts to increase.

Apart from this, when you tweet a regular post on Twitter, the users that you follow will also be interested in your post. Due to this, along with your followers, the likes and comments on your post also start increasing.

3. Use hashtags# in your posts

If you tweet any post on your Twitter account, then definitely use the hashtag # hashtag in every post. When you use a hashtag in the post, your posts start showing up in all the places that are searched on Twitter for that hashtag.

Using hashtags also increases the chances of your Twitter post going viral. When that hashtag keyword is in search trending, then that post of yours can also go viral. When a post goes viral on Twitter, you can’t believe you can gain more followers on Twitter in just one day.

4. Comment on other people’s tweets

If you want to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account very soon, then this method is going to be very effective for you. Friends, comment on people’s posts on Twitter as much as possible.

Remember that whenever you comment on any person’s post, then your comment should be good and not bad about that post. The more you appreciate that post, the more people will like it, and the other commenters will also know about you and follow you.

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5. Post tweets on trending topics

Every day, something is trending on social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site. You will get to see some trending news on all social networking sites.

Similarly, every month or every day on Twitter, you will get to see the trending tweet. Now what you have to do is to tweet the post on those trending topics. With this, every post of yours will trend on Twitter, and you will gain more followers on Twitter than you believe you have.


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