Are hedgehogs high maintenance?

Are hedgehogs high maintenance?

Hedgehogs are small, fuzzy, and have spikes. In fact, hedgehogs are so high maintenance that a Reddit user asked about life with a hedgehog on his AMA.

While some people seem to think that the hedgehog is high maintenance because it eats from your garden or poops all over your carpet, there’s another reason they might be considered as such: they need company. Hedgehogs get lonely very easily and can’t be left alone for more than an hour without becoming irritable and aggressive.

Hedgehogs are very smart and can be taught to do tricks also low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. They’re also known to spit at their owners, scratch and bite them, and urinate or defecate inside their cage. A hedgehog owner had this to say about his experience.

“They would run all over the house every night leaving little presents behind. I created a huge mess in my house by finding poops, poop piles, and dead mouses everywhere for years.”

Training affairs

The good news is that hedgehogs can easily be litter trained, but the bad news is that they need plenty of attention from their owners. Hedgehog owners dedicate a lot of time to each of their pets, but they claim it’s totally worth it. They say they’ve learned to completely ignore the bad behaviors.

On a side note, it’s important to note that hedgehogs are not wild animals and shouldn’t be handled by children. They are capable of biting a human and can carry salmonella bacteria on their quills. If you want to hold one, make sure you’ve been properly trained and keep your distance from the cage when you’re cleaning.

Are hedgehogs high maintenance


Whether you think the hedgehog is high maintenance or not, most hedgehog owners don’t seem to mind taking care of them. So you want to know if a pet label that explains why a hedgehog might be high maintenance is accurate?. On one hand, all of that information is correct and exactly what you need to know about owning a hedgehog. On the other hand, it could be considered rather bias and doesn’t go into much detail about how to resolve these issues because it simply doesn’t matter.

Owner opinion

As the owner of a hedgehog myself, I understand that they are not the easiest pet to own. However, I also feel that it is what makes their personality and traits so unique, and why we love them. I think it’s up to each individual to decide if they want to live with a prickly companion and handle every possible situation as it happens as well.

Is it Worth It?

You should never decide whether or not to get a hedgehog based on what you hear about their high maintenance issues. We do all kinds of research before bringing one home, and we are happy to report that we haven’t had a single one yet that would even come close to being considered high maintenance in comparison to other pets.

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