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A Deep Insight into Sangeeta Singh’s Paintings

Sangeeta Singh Paintings

Painting intimate portraits, dynamic animal representations, and abstract images with fluid line work and highly experimental media are what Sangeeta Singh does. Through the combination of traditional and contemporary techniques, the artist strives to create art that is uniquely her. Her artworks are aesthetically diverse and vibrantly personal, created with delicate washes, calligraphic contours, and expressionistic brush strokes. Her life is filled with dynamism and stillness, for which she considers herself an art nomad. There is an intensity and luminosity to her color palette. Being an artist is an exceptional gift, and she likes to celebrate, appreciate, and share it with others.

For Sangeeta, she was never introduced to the art world. It is her special place is where she would go to express herself. Her journey as an artist began when she received a coloring book and a box of paints as a gift.


For Sangeeta Singh Paintings, she uses less methodology and she handles the subject at hand. She always tries to work backward by thinking along with the lines of what kind of treatment the subject requires. Being a self-learner, she has explored a variety of media and has had an experimental approach in her artworks.

Preferred Medium

For Sangeeta Singh, her preferred mediums are pastels, charcoal egg-tempera, and the occasional use of oil paints.


Sangeeta always constantly seeks interesting subjects that have some kind of story or depth. When she finds something that piques her interest, she yearns to capture it on handmade paper or a piece of canvas. For her, traveling is a huge source of inspiration, be it trekking the Himalayas, or walking the streets of various cities and visiting museums and galleries. She believes that one can find inspiration in almost everything and everywhere. It completely depends on what one sees and how one sees it.


Sangeeta Singh Paintings have the amalgamation of culture and history. She has done an entire series of drawings/paintings that depicts a plethora of ceremonial objects. Being an admirer of oriental art, she has explored tanka paintings, Chinese techniques as well as traditional Indian art forms like Patachitra which is a great influence in her line drawing and detailing. For her, culture and history are intertwined in the variety of subjects that she ends up choosing. When it comes to her identity, she sees herself as a Global citizen who is an explorer and her travels have greatly influenced her work and the manner in which she explores her subject.


Sangeeta studied in a convent school that encouraged her to do fine arts, sport, music, literature, and dramatics aside from academics. This gave her a platform to explore her range as an individual, especially where art was concerned at a very young age. She actively participated in several competitions where she won many prizes that paved her journey forward as an artist.

Favorite Art Pieces

The Rafael cartoons at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London are her favorites. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Virgin on the Rocks at the National Gallery is one of her favorite artworks. When it comes to the old masters, it is their technique which is the flawless execution of the masterly strokes and composition that at once arrests her attention. With the ethereal beauty that these paintings exude, she is simply astounded that the materials that have been used are lasting through the ages.


For Sangeeta, politics and the dictates of the art galleries are one of the biggest challenges. She has overcome them by staying true to herself and her art. She believes that everything happens in good time. Lack of opportunity is the thing she wants to change and she believes that art has become more about marketing tactics and less about the actual art, and this requires a change.

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