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20 Research-Backed Tips To Help You Relieve Your Stress During Exams


Exam stress affects not only the health of students but also their grades. If you are thinking to overcome it. You have found the right place.

Here we are going to share twenty tips backed up by research to help you out. Let us dig in.

Include exercise in your routine

According to research, it is proven that doing high-intensity exercise regularly leaves a positive impact on your mind.

So, it’s high time for you to move your body. And enjoy the positive effects.

This does not mean you have to start practicing for a marathon. But, it means that you need to include some regular exercises in your daily routine.

Get good sleep

Being indulged with books for hours and hours can be tiring sometimes. Also, this is not a good habit. Not getting enough sleep increases the stress level.

Getting too much stress can disturb your sleep cycle. And eventually, you will start to develop sleep disorders. That can get worse with time.

So, getting a good sleep at night will reduce such effects.

Practicing meditation, or reducing caffeine intake can help you get good sleep.

  • Keep your electronic devices at a distance
  • All your electronic devices like phones, tablets, etc. emit blue light. And this light is disruptive to sleep.
  • Leave your phone an hour before your bedtime
  • You have to turn off and leave your electronic devices an hour before your sleep. You can read a book or think about good memories.
  • You need to have the same time for going to bed and waking up
  • Going to bed and waking up at the same time will help you set up your body’s internal clock. And it will optimize the quality of your sleep.
  • Don’t change your sleep schedule
  • You need to keep your sleep schedule pretty same even on the weekends. If you have a long night you should manage by taking small naps instead of waking up too late in the day.

Start doing breathing exercises

According to science, it is proven that having deep breaths reduces cortisol levels. There are a few of these deep breathing exercises you must try. And we are going to explain to you that.

Breathing with belly

Sit in a comfortable place or lie and place one hand on your stomach area. Breathe in very deeply with the help of your nose. Here you will feel your hand being pushed as you suck the air in your lungs. Following this, you can exhale it through your mouth. And you will feel your hand moving inwards. You can repeat this like five to six times.

Various organizational tips that help in preventing stress

Having strong organizational skills can focus to help you schedule a good time for study. And you will be able to work on their schedule. Sometimes students go after professional assignment writing services. They can also reduce stress.

When you start your work too late and cram information at the last minute. And this practice may be liked by many such students. But can causes anxiety. You can take the pressure off your shoulders by starting early.

Clear your room and desk

Yes, cleaning a room is something scientifically proven. Cleaning the room reduces stress and anxiety.

Having so much clutter around your workplace you will not be able to concentrate. You may feel stuffed and confused. This is like your brain is being bombarded with so many distractions.

Having physical clusters will overload your brain. It will impair your ability to think and make decisions. So, for all this, you need to clean your desk and room.

Get yourself organized with the following things.

  • Reduce so much clutter around your workplace
  • Get rid of all these extra things that you don’t need. Just like photos, snakes, or other sorts of stuff. Move them out of your site.
  • Keep all the necessary stuff in your drawers
  • Use drawers and keep the stuff inside of them. All these things you need to complete on your assignment.
  • Clean your space
  • As you have cleaned your room, you need to clean your disk as well.

Apply time management techniques to help yourself

According to the study, it is proven that students with time management skills had low stress during exams. Yes, it is a good practice if you have planned everything before. If you think you have a lot of academic work you can rely on writing my assignment services. As you can easily find them on the web.

Having good time management will include getting quality sleep. As this will give you so much energy when you can focus on yourself.

When you manage your time you will avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.  And you might feel less stressed.

Here are a few of these time management techniques you can use for getting straight A’s. Also if you want to help regarding write my assignment. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Always take a break after studying for an hour. As you time a five minutes break after every hour it will increase your interest.

Complete assignments at least one day before submission. With this, you will have enough time to check your work.

Put it on your calendar and treat it as a number one priority for yourself.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking can be bad for your health. As it may increase your heart rate and stress as well as blood pressure. When you do many things at one time you lose focus and mess things up. You can reduce the quality of your work. You need to avoid these situations by getting help from professional assignment writers.

Avoid multitasking by following things

  • You have to get rid of all these distractions even before you start your work.
  • Close all the unnecessary tabs on your phone and computer.
  • Make a list of all the important tasks you want to complete. And go through all the items on the list.
  • Set a near deadline for every task on the list.

Cut your phone usage

Do you think your mobile phone can cause you stress? Well according to the research much usage of phones can cause stress. But also leaves a negative impact on your brain

So to help yourself out you have to cut your smartphone use. Try doing different things instead.

Following things you can try on

  • Check your social media a few times a day.
  • Turn off the notifications.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode or switch it off at the night.

If you think you can’t do it, you may go for different fun activities. As they will help you avoid your social media usage.

For you to concentrate you can plant a see in the forest. As it might take thirty minutes to grow. So using such apps will help you in overcoming excessive social media usage.

Stimulating senses and de-stress before the exam

If you know how you can get stressed before an exam. You may try sensory stimulations. All these activities will help you get things out of your head.

When you try these tips while taking a study break. You need to get back to work soon after it. Or else, you may be procrastinating and get even more stressed. One way of reducing stress can be getting do my assignment services.

Listen to your heart

As researchers have discovered that listening to yourself. And doing things as you want can elevate your tension. Don’t just bound yourself with a deadline. As this may reduce the effects of stress and you feel calm.

Singing, or going on a walk for some time can help you. As you feel a great sense of pleasure.

And when you do things accordingly to how you want. You feel much more confident. For you to become much more successful at exams try doing things that help you out.

Read something for leisure

It is well proven that reading gives you pleasure. And it is associated with reducing stress up to a great level.

When you read a good book it will lower your heart rate. And it may also ease the tension in your muscles.

The next time, you feel the tension rising around you. We suggest you pick a good time. and give yourself a reading of ten minutes.

Add caffeine to your diet

One study has established that drinking black tea has several health benefits. And it can even release stress. Some other teas that can help you aid stress can be peppermint tea. As it has a natural muscle relaxant. Like chamomile tea helps with insomnia and irritability. Also, the lemon balm tree will help you reduce cortisol.

Having one healthy cup of tea every day will prepare you well for exams. As it improves the concentration and you can focus more.

Eating dark chocolate

According to research eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day will reduce the stress level. As this can be great for you if you are a chocolate lover.

But you need to eat dark chocolate with almost 70 cocoa. As chocolate is a calorie-dense food. So you need to contain about 40 to 60g a day.

Strengthen your mental health before exams

We know school life can be stressful at many times. You cannot control the situation. But you can control the way you react to it. And how you may deal with the situation.

Even before such a stressful situation comes to you. We would suggest you work on your mental endurance. And how you can become much more confident and resilient about it.

Practice positive thoughts

Exercising mindfulness-based stress reduction is a scientifically proven thing. As it is one effective treatment that helps in reducing stress.

Although this condition was originally used for helping patients. But it can now be used by many people including students.

As mindfulness can be a practice that is used for being aware of body and mind.

For instance, when you practice mindfulness. You have to close your eyes and focus on breathing. You have to be aware of the breath and follow the air that can go from the lungs.

Just lie on the back and keep your eyes close. And focus on one thing at a time. it does have to be sitting or lying. You can practice this even when walking.

You have to focus on the sensations of your body as you walk. Also, notice the effect on your feet when you touch the ground. And how you move with every step.

As much as you focus on mindfulness you will be less stressed. You can jot down your consciousness at one sight.

Listen to quiet music

As we have mentioned already singing can help you reduce stress. but listening to slow soothing music like classical can have many impacts on it. Their comforting power is reduced. And it can be well established. Along with this, it can help in effective stress management tools.

When we listen to music it has many relaxing effects even on our brains and minds. When we slow our pulse. It can help in reducing blood pressure. And decreases stress levels as well.

As it has been proven that you can take a few moments and write about your fears. Even before you take on an exam. You need to reduce your anxiety level. You can even search different terms like pay someone to do your assignment.

Well, in this experiment students were asked to describe their brief expressive assignment writing. As they take a test.

You can set aside a few minutes and tune in to some classical music. And how you help yourself with exam stress.

Make a list of things you are worried about

When we got to know about the results it was shown that. Most of the students would depend on my assignment services. It can even help them in improving scores. Especially if they are habitual about taking a test.

When you write about your worries. Even before an exam, it will boost their grades.

Thinking about happy moments

According to research, it has been suggested that. Having a natural chemical like serotonin will create a sense of well-being. It will help your brain function at its peak.

One way of producing serotonin is to think about positive thoughts.

Start thinking of happy moments. Think of something that will make you smile. Try remembering all the good moments of life and going there in your mind. But once you feel stressed. You may think of a memory from childhood. Or something you did with a fun family.

Note down three things you are thankful for

You can be grateful for a loving family. Or maybe really grateful that you have passed your maths exams right? But you don’t have to express your gratitude.

You can write down a few things that you consider yourself grateful for. And how you feel really lucky and obliged.

Different studies have proved that expressing gratitude will lower your blood pressure. It will improve sleep and boost your immunity. So while taking a break from studying. You need to write down a few things you consider yourself grateful for.

It can be something you take for granted. Like having the invention on the internet. Or even the fact that you get to attend the school at least.

All of your mind and boy will be thankful for cultivating the habits of gratitude.

Using positive affirmations

When you remind yourself about all the positive things in life. You will be highly grateful and it will reduce your stress level. You can even banish such exam butterflies.

Well, in the fact. The research has shown. These positive affirmations will reduce the stress level. And you get to know the adrenalin levels.

Here you can find out some positive affirmations you can try next time. And how you will feel the stress level rising. Repeat them all for yourself a few times a day.

Focus on your progress, not just perfection

Sometimes we can have such negative thoughts like we are not good enough. We will be having self-doubts and low self-esteem. We all go through this at some point in our life.

It is ok to feel low sometimes as not everybody is perfect.

You don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Instead, focus on your growth and progress. Look at the bright side instead of wasting your energy on failures of life that you can not control.

Be kind to yourself

Yes, you can become easily anxious when you have fear of failing an exam. Stress can come very easily if you are too hard on yourself. Here you need to ease up and give yourself some time to recover. You can practice self-compassion.

According to research having self-compassion will reduce the stress level. It can also improve the sense of well-being.


These are about 20 tips that are backed up by your research. All these tips will help you reduce exam stress. But it highly depends on you and how you deal with the stress. By following all these tips you can take a sigh of relief.

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