Why Custom Rigid Boxes are More Popular Nowadays

Custom Rigid Boxes are becoming more and more popular nowadays, but why is that so? Why do businesses use custom rigid boxes for packaging their products instead of recyclable paper or plastic bags?

We live in a world where we try to find the most efficient and

cheapest ways of doing things. This awareness is felt everywhere – from 

  • Our economy
  • Everyday habits
  • Manufacturing processes 

We see it as an investment for future benefits when we buy something. However, one can also look at packaging as an investment for future benefits. Whether cost savings, branding effects, or added value with product differentiation – you need to make sure those packages fit those needs!

What is a Good Customer Experience

When it comes to packaging, a good customer experience is one that works in unison with the product. In the case of custom rigid boxes, you need something functional and can withstand all the hassle from shipping to stocking. 

If your package selection is visible when someone buys your product, then you might want to include design factors as well, like color and text.

Why is Custom Rigid Boxes Popular?

In our daily life, we would experience many types of boxes. For example:

  • Gift boxes for presents 
  • Shipping boxes for delivering goods
  • Etc.

We install drawers to store small things and shelves on the walls to show our collections or decorate them. However, when you want to buy something online such as clothes, shoes, or jewelry that come with a box in their original packaging, you need to return them because they do not fit you. 

What will happen if the seller only accepts returns in the packaging they sent to you? Perhaps this is why custom rigid boxes became popular nowadays. 

Why People Prefer Rigid Boxes Wholesale on Ordinary Ones

Sometimes we need some personal touch to make it better than the original one!

Rigid Boxes Wholesale (custom corrugated cartons) might be more expensive than regular boxes. Some users prefer them because of their unique features. 

They could be promotional material for a new product, a gift box, or elegant packaging. To save more money on shipping costs and improve the presentation of your products, you should get custom printed rigid boxes from the right suppliers.

Some Standard Size Rigid Boxes

If your company is planning to design and print your boxes, make sure that you know the size and specs of the outer container. The most common sizes of custom shipping boxes are: 

  • 3x3x2
  • 4x4x2
  • 5x5x2
  • 9×9 (cm)
  • 10 x 7 x 2, 
  • 15 x 15 x 3
  • 16x16x4
  • 18.5×18.5×6
  • 19x19x13
  •  24x24x12 
  • 30cm in length/width/height or L*W*H

The bigger the box is, the more expensive it costs to ship them.

How Custom Rigid Boxes are Made?

Custom corrugated boxes are made of a single piece of cardboard without seams not to be broken easily during transport. They have high stacking strength. It means that you could pile them upon one another to save storage space without getting crushed by their weight. 

This unique feature makes them more ideal as shipping materials than other packaging boxes such as gift card boxes.

Printing on Rigid Material

Those who use custom printed rigid boxes should make them with corrugated cardboard between 250g to 450g. They are more durable and have printable surfaces. Thus, the paperboard material used for making them could easily absorb ink colors. 

If you want to add a matte finish touch, choose a white or colored board. Do not add any embossed texture. So, their printing will look even better than a glossy board with embossing elements.

It’s easy for us to leave custom printed rigid boxes on their original packaging during delivery. These items are often fragile. However, it might spoil the presentation of your products once the outer box damages. 

Mainly, it has direct contact with its contents, leading to breakage or water damage. There are many corrugated cartons. The best one is a rigid box that can store items safely.

What are Uses of Rigid Boxes

The potential uses of rigid boxes are endless. They are a superb addition to your brand’s marketing strategy or personalized handouts. You can select from given sizes, shapes, and colors. They will surely impress your customers if they see them on your website! 

Online shopping has become popular. It is considered an advantage for companies that have nicely designed packaging materials. Buyers feel more confident about their purchases even without seeing them first in real life. Further, you can apply these cartons for your shipping needs. They are sturdier than other types of paperboard packaging materials.

Quality of Boxes

There is no need to worry about these boxes’ quality. They are high-quality corrugated cardboard. It will not only save you money but ensure that your products remain intact until they reach their destination. 

If you want to design and print your cartons, make sure that you know what size they should be, or else. It might end up being too small for the product inside it. Hence, it is not good if you are trying to market your product as an elegant gift.

Marketing Strategy with Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Every brand must have an active marketing strategy. It competes with other companies who also sell similar items with them. A unique presentation makes people recognize your business in an instant. Having Custom Printed Rigid Boxes is like having a shortcut to success for your business. 

They look nice and come in handy when you need something to store your products.

Custom corrugated boxes are great marketing tools. They will impress potential customers if they see them online or offline. It can help you sustain the longevity of your company by making it well-known. When people see these customized storage boxes on their favorite websites or receive them as gifts from previous buyers. 

So, if you want to have a strong impact on current and potential clients, try printing out Custom Rigid Boxes today!

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