10 best online animal games

Following are The Best Online Animal Games of 2022.


With MyFreeZoo you get your very own zoo, and it’s completely free. Its inhabitants already live in captivity, so your task is to make their life as comfortable and full as possible. But you should not forget about business either, it is important that zoo visitors are satisfied and want to leave as much money as possible in it. But the main thing is to find a balance between meeting the needs of animals and the desire to please people.


Being a circus director is not an easy task, even in the pretty My Free Circus browser. You have to train artists, train animals (naturally, without any cruelty), serve attractions for guests, keep order in the kitchen and a small garden – in general, spin like a squirrel in a wheel.


Hanz Puppetguns is a childishly cute incarnation of the quite adult idea of ??a zombie apocalypse. Here, plush animals shoot plush zombie animals, try to get good weapons and participate in dynamic battles in small locations stuffed with various useful items. Due to the brutality with which toys deal with enemies, the game is intended more for an adult audience.  .


Legends of Equestria is a kind and sweet MMORPG based on the cartoon My Little Pony. Here you will meet the races of small horses familiar from the cartoon (earth, pegasus and unicorns), see its key characters. But the most important thing here is the off-scale level of kindness. The game, however, is being played by My Little Pony fans without the permission of the copyright holder, but so far fabulous Equestria is doing quite well.


Cereal Soup is similar to “human” MMORPGs, with the only difference being that your character will not be some elf or dwarf , but one of the available animals. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to create a realistic character – you can, for example, attach a peacock tail to a lion, this will not surprise anyone here. The game is still in early access, so there are still enough shortcomings, but there is also hope for a bright future for the project.


The wildness of the setting of this unblocked games 76 can only compete with its drive, because here we are invited to participate in dynamic cross-country races, and a variety of prehistoric animals are use as vehicles here.

Choose from giant tortoises, proto-ostriches, polar bears, giant frogs, walruses, frilled lizards, ancient antelopes, baboons and mammoths. Each species has its own set of skills and a unique route strategy. The project is perfectly adapt both for playing online and for local co-op and supports split-screen, which allows 4 gamers to simultaneously participate in the race on one PC.


Isometric MMORPG about training pokemon -like creatures . TemTem has not only a great visual style, but also an entertaining content. Most of the quests, including side quests, are made with soul, diversify the unblocked games 66 play and motivate with really valuable rewards.

The game features 12 elemental elements. Monsters have a thoughtful evolution system and it is possible to cross monsters to obtain hybrid species. Other players can both compete with you and cooperate to achieve common goals and advance through the story. Unfortunately, the game does not yet have Russian localization.


Farmerama is a free browser-base farm in which animals are not only part of your farm, but also the main characters. The game features several biomes and many types of plants – from ordinary beds and flower beds to large fruit trees.

Having collected a bountiful harvest, it will be possible to think about expanding the business and build a bakery or a jam factory. And then take the received goods to the city market and sell it profitably. Farmerama regularly hosts story events with valuable prizes and new orders.

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In another fun game from Alawar, players will have to manage a gang of their own rats . You have to recruit new wards, develop their talents and feed them cheese in a timely manner – a key resource of every rat tribe.

In the competitive struggle for a treat, the rodents will have to make regular forays into the territory of other players, eliminate enemy bandits and steal their food. The project is available for free and is suitable for users of all ages.


A very easy-to-learn multiplayer snake, in which a certain number of players simultaneously control the ever-hungry worms on a huge field. The task is as trivial as possible – to gobble up as much resource as possible, avoiding larger opponents, in order to eventually grow up and gobble up everyone else. A very easy-to-play game will help pass the time in a fun way.

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