05 best MOBA online games

Following are the best MOBA online games for childrens.


Instead of wise mages, fearless warriors and other living and thinking creatures, armored vehicles covered with spikes and colorful patterns fight each other in the arenas of Heavy Metal Machines. All available cars have unique weapons and abilities. It is clear that each car is drive by a bright character with an interesting biography.

Competitions are held in a 4×4 team format, where the main goal is to drive a bomb into the opponent’s gate. A huge number of cosmetic items are available in the game, allowing you to decorate the already very bright and eye-catching cars.


An excellent MOBA Paragon suffer a fatal fate – in the prime of life it was closed. However, its authors have left materials on the game in the public domain, and other developers are trying to bring a wonderful game back to life.

So far, Fault has come closest to this goal – it’s still the same Paragon with advanced graphics, a map with several lanes and jungles, hero control with a third-person view and a small set of heroes. Although the quantity here is compensate by the quality, the characters turned out to be memorable and different from each other.

If you miss Paragon, or wonder what the game was praise for in its lifetime, play Fault, but make allowance for the fact that other people are at the helm.


Heroes with abilities have been replace in ExoTanks by tanks , all with unique skills, appearance, roles, and mechanics. The idea of ??the game sends gamers into a dystopian future in which large corporations are at war for the territories of Mars with the help of iron tigers.

ExoTanks mixes MOBA and shooter mechanics – battles unfold over control points, and players gain experience during the battle, improve the abilities of the characters and can use the “ult” to change the course of the match. There are over 10 combat vehicles to choose from, which can be further customize.


Royal Crown is similar to Eternal Return – this game also combines the ideas of MOBA and Battle Royale and has nice anime graphics. The combat system is already familiar to you – we control the character (of which there are 20 pieces) with a top view , upgrade his abilities and equipment and use ingenuity and cunning in battle. Add to this a landing from an airplane , an open map, several modes (alone, in a team) and the fact that only one will emerge victorious from this battle, and we get an interesting variation of “MOBA”.

The crazygames online has mixed reviews on Steam, but only because Russian players are experiencing problems with ping and resent the lack of their native language.

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Try to imagine MOBA in 2D projection. Did not work out? Then play Awesomenauts and expand your imagination. In this fast -paced platformer , players in teams of 3 will face off against each other in a variety of futuristic locations. The player is offer to take control of one of the mercenaries who will lead an entire army of robots into battle .

All MOBA best crazygames  elements are in place: creeps, classes, modifications, turrets, bases and tactical battles. True, hovering over the map like a true strategist will not work, because Awesomenauts brings very fast platforming gameplay to the genre

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